Certainly, for many of you, the first part of the post has become a sufficient proof that POL-EKO is a good choice. There are also 100% of those for whom the information contained therein was not sufficient, but do not be afraid...

We come back with the cycle "10 reasons why you should choose POL-EKO". Here are another five values that I hope will convince you to take a closer look at our products.


6. Professional advice - our team is not only a well-coordinated crew, it is primarily a group of qualified enthusiasts. They are fascinated by their work and always willing to help. Sales engineers, region managers or specialists dealing with specific products (drain stations, sampling devices). Sounds like "cheesy flyer description"? Maybe so, but I can assure you that it is a reflection of the company's reality. If you don't believe me, just call us. ? (


7. 30 years of experience - nothing more, nothing less. 30 years on the market is a long time. 30 years on the market is a huge bag of experience. 30 years on the market is a testimony of perseverance and admirable professionalism. This is the time to build a solid foundation. The time for developing certain patterns and ideas that we constantly follow. 30 years on the market is a guarantee and a sign of quality and trust of hundreds of customers around the world.

8. Machinery park - POL-EKO focuses on development. We have been consistently expanding our machine park for ten years. We carefully select devices to be able to provide comfort for our employees and guarantee precise execution to our customers. In addition to using the park for your own needs, we also provide outsourcing services, giving you the opportunity to order even the most demanding projects.

9. Design - We get with the times! We don't slow down, we don't even have the slightest intention. Our brand is a constant innovation. The SMART controller introduced by us in 2019 refers directly to smartphones that have become a part of our reality. Easy to use, intuitive and modern. Touchscreen? Designer icons? the ability to work with gloves? Yes we have it! We come out to meet your requirements, we are on the top!

10. Willingness to cooperate on many levels - POL-EKO is not only about devices from the catalog. We also produce "on request". If the standard solutions do not meet your expectations, please write to us. First, the project is made, then we will present a price offer and when you are fully satisfied, we will complete the order. We are distinguished by the fact that we are not afraid of the new.

The difficult task, the greater pride in its implementation!