In April we organized the 5th POL-EKO World Distributor Meeting. There were 31 participants from 18 countries, including Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Belarus, Russia, Finnland and Hungary.

During the event we presented our new products (ZLN-UT Ultra-low freezer, ILP Peltier-cooled incubators, ZLW-T Forced convection freezers) as well as latest engineering solutions.

After the presentations, we enjoyed some X-treme activities, such as off-road jeep riding and rifle shooting. In the evening there was dinner with lots of local food and then the integration party. The event was held in the beautiful mountain town of Ustron!

On the second day we went to POL-EKO premises to see our new production hall and the P2 Salvagnini machine. There was also a short presentation of the RT 2014 Wi-Fi data logger. In the afternoon we relaxed at the Belweder Hotel and Spa facilities in Ustron!

The 5th World Distributor Meeting was a great success and was deeply enjoyed by all participants, as it was both informative and fun!