przemysł motoryzacyjny

Another interesting application of one of our products - in this case a drying oven, is testing the phenol-formaldehyde powder resins flow path.

This kind of research is used in the manufacturing process of brake pads and linings in the automotive industry where resins are used as a binder.

Under the influence of compression molding at high temperature, all the ingredients used in the blends of friction interconnect. The flow path of resins aims to check the behavior of a given resin while subjected to high temperatures during the production process, under laboratory conditions. There are resins which have a shorter or a longer flow path. Those with the long flow path create more flexible formations and can be used to produce, for example, brake linings. In turn, those with the short flow path are firmer and can be used in the brake pads production.

The dring oven used in this application has been equipped with a customized solution – a shelf combined with an external lever located on the side wall. Thanks to this modification, it’s possible to change the inclination angle of the shelf without the need of opening the door of the drying oven. Additionally, the oveb may additionally be equipped with an external door with a viewing window to allow observation of the resins.

przemysł motoryzacyjny