Climate and Phytotron Chambers

Climatic chambers with phytotron are the only group of units that allows controlling of humidity, temperature and lighting altogether

  • programming of temperature, humidity and lighting
  • day and night simulation system with smooth regulation of light intensity:
    • fluorescent tubes placed in door and side walls
    • fluorescent tubes placed in side walls
    • fluorescent tubes placed in door
    • mounted as a panel with overhead lighting
  • Temperature range when the light is off (night): 0. . . +60°C
  • Temperature range with lighting off (daytime): +10. . . +50°C
  • choice of light colour
  • maximum light intensity - 15 000 LUX per shelf (measurement performed in the geometrical center of the shelf placed 25 cm below the lighting panel)
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The climatic chambers of POL-EKO are devices in which temperature and humidity are parameters that can be almost freely simulated

-These are specialized chambers for testing under constant environmental conditions. The most important feature is the ability to create stable conditions through precise temperature and humidity control.

- Aging test chambers, allow to maintain stable temperature parameters (0. . 60°C for KK series or 0. . 100°C for KKS series) and humidity (30. . 90% for KK series and ultrasonic humidifier or 10. . 90% for KKS series steam humidifier).

Climate chambers are specialized test chambers for aging tests, stability tests, thermal or climatic tests.

Our devices are equipped with a modern touch screen Smart PRO controller. The chamber is made of high quality acid resistant steel. The unit has double door with lock.

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The innovative Peltier technology in the Climatic Chambers KKP

Peltier technology in KKP series provides stable, silent, vibration free climatic conditions, keeping superior temperature variation and fluctuation, and it’s space-saving. The tests performed at a temperature close to the ambient temperature shows the impressive economy of the heating and cooling concept with Peltier thanks to which KKP doesn’t require any refrigerant and is therefore nearly maintenance-free. Due to the fact that the efficiency of Peltier appliances in certain conditions is much better than of climate chambers with refrigerant dependent cooling systems, the KKP 240 makes a significant contribution to improving the climate balance.

Possible applications

  • Stability tests according to ICH Q1A
  • Breeding of certain insects, mice
  • Plant cultivation


Constant Climatic Chambers with Peltier cooling system and Phytotron

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