Cooling and Heating Units

Cooled incubators are perfect for incubation of samples in a stable environment, regardless of ambient conditions, at the temperature from -10 up to +100°C.

Cooled incubators can be equipped with Smart or Smart PRO controller which allow to program time-temperature profiles, carry out incubations at different temperatures and simulate the processes occurring when changing the temperature of samples.

Cooled incubators IL manufactured by POL-EKO are equipped with double door with lock. All units have an access port for inserting an external sensor placed on the side wall. The interior of the chamber is made of acid-resistant stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean.

See Cooled Incubators (IL)

Innovative and ecological incubators ILP with cooling system based on the Peltier cell technology.

The most important advantages of incubators with ILP Peltier modules are:

no vibrations - through the use of Peltier cells, vibrations previously generated by the compressor are eliminated

fluctuation and variation - the cooling system based on Peltier cells allows to achieve excellent fluctuation and variation additionally the time of reaching the set temperature, e. g. after opening the door, is much shorter

lighter and smaller design - Peltier cell cooling system reduces the size of the device and its weight

environmentally friendly - removing the compressor eliminates the use of refrigerant gases that have a negative impact on the environment

See Peltier-Cooled Incubators

Cooled incubators (ST) can provide a stable temperature between +3...+70°C regardless of ambient conditions.

Cooled incubators (ST) is a thermostatic device designed to store samples at a specific temperature. Cooled incubators (ST) have a heating system and a cooling system, so samples can be stored/incubated above or below ambient temperature.

Cooled incubators (ST) manufactured by POL-EKO have internal LED lighting. For security purposes, the chamber door (solid) is lockable. All cabinet models are available in Smart and Smart PRO controller versions.

Cooled incubators (ST) can be used for stability testing with high temperature accuracy. A common application is also the use of cabinets to store vaccines and medicines in refrigerated conditions and medicines between +18°C and +20°C (in places where there is no air conditioning and in summer the air temperature is much higher than the room temperature that is recommended for storing some medicines).

Cooled incubators (ST) are available in 3-chamber versions (model ST 1/1/1) and 2-chamber versions (models ST 1/1, ST 2/2, ST 3/2), where each chamber is controlled independently. This solution saves space in the lab and allows testing at two different temperatures. Multi-chamber devices may be available in so-called mixed versions, e. g. a thermostatic cabinet and laboratory refrigerator or a thermostatic cabinet and freezer, where each chamber is also independently controlled.

See Cooled Incubators (ST)