Cooling Equipment

Laboratory refrigerators can maintain a temperature from 0°C up to 15°C

The CHL laboratory refrigerator is a specialized device for storing temperature-sensitive samples. The laboratory refrigerator has a cooling system that allows samples to be stored below ambient temperature. Such storage guarantees the physical and chemical stability of the sample.

Laboratory refrigerators/fridges are equipped with highly advanced microprocessor temperature controller Smart or Smart PRO, which maintains the set temperature with high stability and uniformity. The advantage of the above mentioned controller is a large and colourful display and intuitive operation even when wearing latex or nitrile gloves. In laboratory refrigerators/fridges, temperature is the priority, so the compressor is turned on when necessary. Comparatively in refrigerators the compressor turns on with a constant interval, regardless of the temperature in the compartment. POL-EKO laboratory refrigerators have forced air circulation, which has beneficial influence on temperature uniformity inside the device. Two-component polyurethane foam provides perfect insulation of the refrigerator chamber and refrigerants used by POL-EKO are ecological.

The CHL laboratory refrigerators are specialized equipment used, among others, in accredited laboratories for storing temperature-sensitive samples.

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Laboratory freezers can freeze and store frozen samples.

Taking care of the quality of our products, in our offer you will not find a two-function device called “laboratory fridge-freezer”. Our refrigerators do not have an integrated freezer inside like home appliances. Our fridge-freezers are two-chamber devices – one chamber is a refrigerator, the other is a freezer. Bearing in mind the concern for device parameters and their functionality, we have created few product categories: laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers and ultra-low freezers. Laboratory refrigerators are equipped with a cooling system – they keep the temperature lower than the ambient temperature, however their temperature range doesn’t reach negative values. Usually it is 0-10 or 0-15°C. In the case of our laboratory freezers, the temperature inside the chamber may reach -25/-40°C. The temperature goes even lower in ultra-low freezers – up to even -86°C.

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"As Smart As Your Smartphone" ultra-low freezers ZLN-UT

Ultra-low-temperature freezers (ZLN-UT) are devices that allow deep freezing and long-term storage of biotechnological samples and other materials in the temperature range from -86°C to -50°C. Depending on the application, you can choose the COMFORT model (interior made of stainless steel DIN 1. 4016) or PREMIUM (interior of acid-resistant stainless steel DIN 1. 4301).

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