Data loggers RT 2014

Precise monitoring and easy operation

RT 2014 Monitoring System

RT 2014 data loggers are the ideal solution when there is a need to continuously measure and record temperature and/or humidity in thermostatic devices (thermostatic cabinets, heaters, refrigerators, freezers, etc. ) as well as in rooms. If the alarm threshold is exceeded or there is a power outage, the RT 2014 data logger sends a notification via SMS.

Communication on the GSM 2G network in the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands


Benefits of using RT 2014 logging and monitoring system

  • low costs associated with the operation of the RT2014 system
  • the ability to control from any location the storage conditions of pharmaceutical and microbiological materials
  • safety of stored material regardless of external conditions
  • minimize the harmful effects of operating a thermostatic unit
  • possibility to react quickly and effectively in case of failure of thermostatic equipment or interruption of electricity supply
  • the notification is directed to up to five users of the system, which significantly strengthens the possibility of the desired response to the occurring threat
  • avoidance of costs resulting from loss and disposal of pharmaceuticals or microbiological material
  • archiving of data on standards, quality and storage conditions of the material (in terms of temperature and humidity)