Heating Units

Laboratory incubators are thermostatic devices used to incubate samples in temperature conditions (up to a maximum of +100 °C)

Laboratory incubators are devices equipped only with a heater system (no cooling system). These devices maintain a constant temperature from 5 °C above the ambient temperature to maximum of 100 °C. Thus, these devices will allow proper testing under specific temperature conditions.

CL laboratory incubators are available with double door (external solid, internal glass). Optionally, the external door can be fitted with a vision window to allow observation of samples. In order to secure the cartridge, all doors are locked.The housing can be powder coated or made of structural stainless steel (linen). POL-EKO laboratory incubators are equipped with LAN port and USB port for efficient data transfer to external media. Laboratory incubators are distinguished by a microprocessor-based, large colour display available in Smart and Smart PRO options. Our offer includes incubators with natural or forced air circulation.

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Caldera is device for Fluid warmer


  • capacities: 70, 150, 200, 250, 300l - dimensions and load examples are specified in the table with technical data
  • fast heating-up of the load due to forced air convection
  • polished stainless steel housing, stainless steel interior
  • bright, energy saving LED internal lighting and tempered glass of the door assure an excellent visibility of the interior
  • drawers with telescopic slides instead of regular shelves prevent falling out of the load
  • possibility to place Caldera on the stainless steel table - option
  • safe temperature range: +35°C to +42°C, temperature regulation every 1°C
  • visual and audio alarm in case set temperature is exceeded for 2°C
  • independent temperature protection over 45°C (over temperature protection) 3.1 class according to DIN 12880
  • open door alarm (the alarm goes on in case the door is opened longer than 1 minute)
  • LED display visible from 4m distance
  • door lock - load protection against unauthorized use
  • service settings protection against unauthorized use
  • archiving working parameters for the period of 1 year (with 15 minutes interval)

CALDERA complies with the following medical norm:

PN-EN 60601-1-2:2002 EMC - Medical norm for electrical devices (it does not interrupt the work of the other medical Instruments)

Note: fluid warmers caldera are also available with shelves instead of drawers for sheets, blankets and towels heating, with temperature range +35...+70C

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Hot-air sterilizers have been equipped with a couple of additional functions that protect samples.

They can sterilize at temperatures of up to 250°C.

Sterilizers SRW Smart for disinfection of masks

See Laboratory Sterilizers

Pass-through sterilizers - as a link between the clean and dirty zones

Pass-through sterilizers are made on the basis of standard laboratory drying ovens and are used on production lines as well as a connector drying / sterilizing between clean and dirty areas.

The chamber of POL-EKO passage sterilizer is made of stainless steel and the casing is made of powder-painted sheet metal. The device is equipped with a color touch screen Smart display. POL-EKO pass-through sterilizers have forced air circulation. The units are available in two capacities - 115l and 240l.

See Pass-Through Sterilizers

Drying ovens are designed to provide high temperatures up to 300°C.

Drying oven (SL) is designed for drying in the temperature range from +5°C above ambient temperature to +300°C. POL-EKO drying ovens are available in a variant with natural air circulation (SLN) or forced air circulation (SLW). Choose from models with a Smart or Smart PRO controller.

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Simple in operation laboratory drying oven – convenient unit for customers who do not require advanced programming. Easy to use operation is based on a simple controller which allows to program only temperature.

See SIMPLE Drying Oven

Drying ovens with nitrogen blow

The European norm ISO 589:2003 Hard Coal – Determination of Total Moisture ensures samples are dried between 105 C – 110 C in a drying oven featuring nitrogen blow possibility with flow equal to about 15x capacity of the oven per hour.

Available models

  • SLWN1 – laboratory oven with dry nitrogen blow system of the chamber; the kit includes connections, valves and a laboratory rotameter (which can be calibrated)
  • SLWN2 laboratory oven with dry nitrogen blow system of the chamber; the kit includes connections, valves and a tech rotameter (which cannot be calibrated)
Available chamber capacity:
  • 15l (SLWN1 15, SLWN2 15)
  • 32l (SLWN1 32, SLWN2 32)
  • 56l (SLWN1 53, SLWN2 53)
  • 112l (SLWN1 115, SLWN2 115)
  • 245l (SLWN1 240, SLWN2 240)

The nitrogen bottle is not supplied.

See Drying ovens with nitrogen blow