"Feel at work like at home" - such a statement can be found in every article about a work life balance. It seems that probably everyone knows how important for us is the environment of work. How can we improve our workplace to feel like on a comfortable couch in your own living room? It is a difficult task, but possible to do. I am not able to advise car mechanics, it is obvious, but I will be happy to introduce you small changes we do in the laboratories that make a huge difference in final view.

Individual project.

Each laboratory is different, rooms have different dimensions, different settings. The most common mistake in choosing laboratory furniture is to follow the pictures and ideas encountered somewhere by accident. Before deciding to buy equipment, it is worth asking questions, looking for solutions, asking a specialist for advice. A design made to the user's requirements will ALWAYS be the best option, so before sending the offer, we try to complete as much information as possible about the work performed in a given laboratory and the conditions that prevail or will prevail in it. It takes us a lot of time, it is true, but with full knowledge we can say that, it is very effective for the end result and customer satisfaction.


Exactly… functionality. To illustrate the problem, let's imagine for a moment that we are in a newly designed kitchen. The kitchen is big so we set up all the appliances randomly. In the corner on our right, five paces away, we have an oven. There is a refrigerator in the left corner ten steps to the left. The worktop is five steps behind us, following the popular 'island' trend in the kitchen.

Everything seems fine ...

Now let's try to imagine that we spend eight hours a day in this kitchen and, on average, every five minutes we have to reach for one product in the refrigerator, then return to the worktop, cut the product on it and move the product to the oven. The daily pedometer limit would be reached in the first hour. I am sure that after the first week of use, we would start thinking about the first changes...

Let's take this situation to the lab. Functionality first of all...

Escape from the standards.

Does the white color has to be the only available color from the palette in every laboratory? Absolutely not! We are aware that there are cases where the requirements do not allow changes, but with a free hand, it is worth thinking about a hint of madness ?.

Below you will find one of our custom projects that we have done this year. While creating it, we focused on introducing a little home warmth into the laboratory. As can be seen in the photo, sometimes it really doesn't need a lot of effort...

Wooden fronts have replaced the standard white ones. The wooden desk replaced the classic laboratory table top. We have also installed additional lighting that meets the organoleptic assessment requirements. The whole thing was completed by a few nice elements added by our client and in this way we got a quite cozy workplace which, despite the changes applied, meets all standards of laboratory work.

And that's the point! Functionality and aesthetics - this is how we want to present our CompactLab series of laboratory furniture.

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