Laboratory shakers LS 350


  • orbital movement
  • microprocessor control of rotation and time
  • orbital diameter: 5 or 10 mm
  • max shaking weight: 10 kg
  • variable speed control: 30…500 rpm
  • shaking mode: from 1 min to 99 h, or continuous operation
  • LCD digital display
  • anti-skid mat (option)
  • various shaking tables
  • can be located inside cooled incubators


  • universal shaking table
  • separating funnel attachment
  • fixing clip support
  • dish attachment
  • test tube support
  • Erlenmeyer flasks (25…2000 ml) attachment
  • Anti-skid mat

Laboratory shakers have been designed to fit inside cooled incubators (IL range).

Technical data

ModelLS 350
Speed range [rpm]30…500
Accuracy [rpm]10
Amplitude [mm]5 or 10
Max load capacity [kg]10
Fits to cooled incubatorILW 115
Nominal power [W]60
Weight with shaking table [kg]15



pdf-flat Data sheet

pdf-flat Folder

pdf-flat Declaration of conformity LS

pdf-flat  Catalogue 2016 EN



Platforma uniwersalna do różnego typu naczyń z 4 wałkami dociskowymi.

Universal platform for various kinds of vessels with 4 roller clamps (without anti-skid mat).


Platform for fixing flasks handles, suitable for flasks of the following capacities: 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, the handles shall be ordered separately.

Platform for shaking Petri plates, bacteria culture flasks and other vessels of low centre of gravity.


Platform for separatory with 3 roller clamps for shaking, salting, extraction and concentration.


Anti-skid mat for LS laboratory shakers.