Nanosterile coating

NanoSterile is a spray coating that forms a protective layer of titanium dioxide and silver nanoparticles that are capable of destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, odors and volatile organic compounds. Its uniqueness is based on the size of the molecule – 2-3 nm, which is currently the smallest molecule that has been produced. The technology was developed in Japan, where for a period of 5 years it passed a number of tests and obtained a number of patents.


The removal of harmful organic chemicals, viruses and fungi works on the principle of photocatalytic reaction. The photocatalysis process is activated under the influence of sunlight or UV rays produced by the lamp acting on surfaces, which makes it highly oxidized. Bacteria and viruses that come into contact with such an active surface are decomposed into CO2 and H2O. The antibacterial activity of silver is not conditioned by light, i.e. it is active even in the dark.


The advantages of NanoSterile:

  • it is bactericidal – the walls covered with a coating burn the bacteria in the room on an ongoing basis
  • effectively removes and protects against mold and fungus
  • cleanses the air – covered walls will purify the air in the room from bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds and odors
  • ionizes and reduces the amount of dust microparticles in the air
  • reduces allergens creating a better environment for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • clearly reduces the risk of airborne infections via droplets
  • significantly reduces the risk of transmitting contact diseas
  • eliminates the need for additional chemicals, just plain water, which results in significant economic benefits

POL-EKO-APARATURA gives you the possibility to secure your devices with the NanoSterile coating. The application of the coating is possible in all our devices on the housing. Regarding the internal coating, the minimum operating temperature of the device is limited to 0°C, and maximum to + 90°C.

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