POL-EKO new corporate identity

The time has come to officially present our new LOGO to you. This is the next step after the name change to POL-EKO. We would like to emphasise that we have a transition period ahead of us, during which you will be able to meet both our new logo and our existing one.This change will be a natural process, and since we are constantly guided by the idea of zero waste in our work, we absolutely do not want to let anything go to waste just because our logo has changed.

Our new mission: POL-EKO = Perfect Environment

POL-EKO's new corporate identity

Owner dr inż. Aleksandra POLOK-KOWALSKA, MBA

dr inż. Aleksandra POLOK-KOWALSKA, MBA

Doctor of Technical Sciences in the discipline of Environmental Engineering, specialty Water Supply. Graduated with honors from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering at the Cracow University of Technology in 2000. Is also a graduate of MBA studies at the WSB Academy.

Since 1998 majority co owner of POL-EKO-APARATRURA a company founded by her father. Since 2011, co owner and president of POL-EKO Measurement Laboratory an accredited calibration laboratory.

Author of the monograph "Com bined surface water in takes taking into concideration technical , economic and reliability criteria and also ichthyofauna protection aspect ", co author of the book "Design of drainage and submerged water intakes in terms of ichthyofauna protection" and articles published in conference materials and scientific journals.

Actively involved in the local environment, co initiated the founding of the "Stowarzyszenie Razem na Szybiku". Association, of which remains vice president since 2011. Member of the Family Business Initiative Association.

In August 2022 bought back capital shares at POL-EKO-APARATURA from Sebastian Kowalski and with the help of long term employees runs the company on her own.

CO OWNER & Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Lucyna SIDOROWICZ

She has been related to POL-EKO-APARATURA for almost 30 years. She was the first employee hired in the company in 1994. From the very beginning, she handled administrative, financial and legal matters and the experience she gained working earlier in the Administration and Legal Department of the City Hall of Wodzisław Śląski helped her in that.

As a Management Board well trusted person in August 2022 she became a co owner of POL-EKO-APARATURA and in November 2022 she took a position of the company's Financial Director (CFO).

She is a consistent person, very committed to the work. She loves what she does and we can see it in her everyday work and attitude to people. When she is not working, which is very rare, you can meet her sailing along the trail of Masurian lakes or reading an interesting book under a blooming apple tree.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Małgorzata SZAFARCZYK, MBA


Master of chemistry - graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Is also a graduate of MBA studies at the WSB Academy.

Since the beginning of professional career has been associated with POL-EKO-APARATURA. For years, responsible for the Sales Department, the Laboratory for producing reagents, and later also the Technology Department. Conducted training and implementation projects and was responsible for the selection and implementation of the ERP system in the company. For years, the right hand of the Management Board, in November 2022, took the position of CEO at POL-EKO.

Titan of work, a fan of Excel, clearly sets her goals and consistently achieves them.

Privately, a mother of three boys. Since the children grew up, together with her husband is traveling the world in their free time. Her passion is exploring interesting places and getting to know exotic cultures.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Dawid GAJDA

Automation and robotics engineer specializing in industrial automation, graduate of the PWSZ in Racibórz, instructor of the practical vocational training.

Since 2007 an employee of the production department at POL-EKO-APARATURA. In the years 2011 2013 a service technical responsible for supporting foreign distributors. From 2014, foreman and then head of the production department. From November 2022 Chief Operating Officer (COO) responsible for production division.

In his professional work, he deals with the planning and production of laboratory equipment, industrial and control and measurement equipment. He is responsible for the automation of production processes and ensuring the quality or reliability of work maintenance.

Privately, he is interested in electronics devices, HVAC, reverse engineering and integration of inteligent building systems.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Dawid RYBARZ


A graduate of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

After graduation, he came to POL-EKO-APARATURA, where he went through almost all stages of his career during over 19 years of work. Starting from an electronics engineer dealing with PCB design, through an employee of the production department, designer, head of the Production Department, head of the Technical Department (R&D), in November 2022 he took the position of Technical Director (CTO) responsible for the research and development.

He is a person with a very broad, multi disciplinary knowledge mathematics, physics, mechanics, electronics ... have no secrets from him. Difficult problems take him a while, impossible problems take a little longer.

He spends his free time with his daughter and son or with the Discovery Channel. He is interested in astronomy and surprisingly… history.