The hero of today's blog is an ozone generator. Let's think of it as a human. It is true that he does not work with a cloak under the cover of night, but like a comic book hero he gets rid of pests from his surroundings. This brave warrior, who so effectively fights viruses and fungi, has recently become infamous, mainly by the media that does not necessarily know the subject. It is high time to dispel any doubts, present research results and rely on the knowledge of specialists. It's high time to take a closer look at the facts and shed some light on a product that certainly deserves it.

Research is the most important

Basic information that can be found in almost every scientific publication tells us that ozone in high concentration kills and breaks fragrance chains. It also kills mold, fungi, viruses, mites, bacteria, pesticides, pollen and even flies, ants, mosquitoes and moths. As a gas, it also reaches food products and all objects in the room. Ozone is the strongest oxidant that leaves no chemical contamination behind! It is considered one of the most effective disinfectants, and additionally improves the quality and smell of the air.

The bactericidal effect of ozone was documented as early as 1890. by W. Ohlmüller. It destroys viruses and bacterial spores by oxidizing their proteins and DNA/RNA.

Why do I write about it?

Because history repeats itself. In 2003, the world struggled with the SARS epidemic. Same problem, virus. Same solutions, social distance, masks, disinfection. Numerous studies from that period clearly show that OZONING is the best solution for air purification! Moreover, current 2020 research into the effects of ozone on COVID-19 confirms its potency against viruses. For those who are interested - if you want to get access to scientific publications, give a "sign" in the comment, I will be happy to share. ?

Where all the strange beliefs about the harmfulness of this method come from? Why do we still approve the idea to reject the best and most economical option? Much of the reason is lack of knowledge. Second, when we start looking for information, we come across a whole lot of absolutely unscientific gibberish that creates confusion and spreads it at an alarming rate.

We answer your questions and debunk myths!

Is it safe?
Of course, ozonation is a safe disinfection method. Pets are not allowed in the room when the device is in operation. Flowers should also be brought out. We also cannot be in an ozonated room.

After disinfection, we wait about 30 minutes, then the place should be aired. After two hours, normal use can be resumed.

How often should we ozonate?
This question is always asked during telephone consultations. Taking into account the requirements related to the use of the ozonator, the best solution should be ozonation always after the room has been used.

How to supplement ozone in the ozonator?
The principle of operation of the ozonator is simple - the ozonator produces ozone by means of electrical discharges on ceramic plates, using the oxygen contained in the air. Proposal? For the production of ozone, we only need electricity and air, there is no additional substance that would be supplemented during the operation process.

UV lamps are better?
Currently, UV lamps are being proposed in many places in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, UV radiation destroys viruses, however, for this to be possible, viruses must be exposed to direct radiation. This causes some limitations - using the lamp in the room will enable disinfection of only those surfaces to which the radiation reaches - the desk will be disinfected, but the chair behind? - no. Ozone is a gas, it goes everywhere, the difference in effectiveness is visible. Also note that many of the UV lamps require assembly. The ozonator is a portable device, it can be used alternately in different rooms and does not require any additional protection.

All the information gathered can be given briefly and succinctly. At the moment, the best, the most ecological and the cheapest solution is undoubtedly:

OZONATOR - our underrated superhero!