Pass-through drying oven 3100 l

POL-EKO-APARATURA always tries to meet the expectations of its customers by allowing them to customize and create a unit according to their needs. That is why developing a non-standard product is a challenge that we willingly catch. This was exactly the case with a 3100-litre pass-through drying oven. Pass-through sterilizers and drying ovens are used at production lines and as a drying / sterilizing connector between clean and dirty zones. The presented oven was manufactured for a pharmaceutical company, which will use it to sterilize tubes.

In addition to the non-standard dimensions allowing the trolleys to enter the interior, the drying oven has customized door dimensions and locking algorithm for safety during sterilization. The door handles can be easily disassembled for frequent disinfection. A HEPA filter has also been installed. The device meets strict requirements for temperature stability and homogeneity. To maintain sterility inside, the oven can maintain pressure difference between the chamber and the environment. The maximum temperature that can be reached is 250°C.