Safety policy

RT2014 mobile app

Safety Policy is very important for our customers. We don’t collect or store any information on our customers for any purpose that would ever be against the Personal Data Protection Act.

Below you can find a list of fragile data access points which can be accessed by a device running the RT2014 app.


This authorisation enables SMS notifications for a predefined recipient. The app does not read the received SMS.


Authorisation for recording and reading in external/internal memory used for saving thumbnails of monitored devices and for saving basic settings of the app.


Contact data for reading basic information on the user such as email settings to facilitate the configuration process, user name as identification. The app uses Facebook or Google account user identification too. The authentication process in this case is entirely safe done through the Provider’s application surface in encrypted Internet connection.


The camera in the photo mode allows taking pictures of the monitored devices for easy identification of the observed objects. The taken picture is not saved anywhere else, except the device which has taken the picture.


The data listed below is stored on remote server and used for correct functioning of the application:

The stored data is automatically deleted after a dozen days of user’s inactivity.