Looking at the COVID-19 infection map, a simple conclusion can be drawn that the corona virus in Poland is doing quite well. From the first confirmed sick in March, we receive daily information about further confirmed infections. It is surprising, however, that the restrictions that were introduced in Poland, aimed at mitigating the effects of the pandemic, were almost completely forgotten, just inversely proportional to the number of infections in the country. Considering that we are breaking records in the number of patients day by day, it is really hard to find any logic in these actions. Is it possible then to ask about the second wave of the corona virus in Poland? Or are we just reaching the climax of the first wave? Or maybe we should stop being interested in the numbers of waves and the sick, trying to get used to the situation? Will COVID-19 become a natural part of our lives?

What do the numbers say? Let's see! (COVID-19 current data - as of 04/08/2020):

Map of cases in Poland.
source: Ministry of Health

The incidence rate has already exceeded over 600 people a day!

Daily increase and the number of confirmed and fatal cases.
source: Ministry of Health

If you check only a "daily confirmed", you may be scared - true, but such selective data is not a valuable indicator. Comparing the current number in the country to the total world numbers, you can note that Poland is approximately 0.2% of the total current state of the pandemic.

The current number of sick patients in Poland (red colour).
source: Ministry of Health

The current number of sick patients globally (red colour).
source: Ministry of Health

The results per 100 thousands residents shows that in Silesia region which is the largest pandemic area in Poland only 4% of the population fell ill in.

The results per 100 thousands residents in Poland.
source: Ministry of Health

Surprised? If so, what to do?

Common sense first of all! The situation is very dynamic, difficult, but the vision and predictions should be left to the fairies. Let's stick to the facts! There is no need to panic unnecessarily, but remember to follow the basic rules...

If you are disturbed by masks and washing your hands - do not wear them and do not wash your hands, but also do not leave the apartment, we do not want to get sick because of your ignorance.

If you can help, help! - Of course, as much as possible. Every, even the smallest deed is important. As a manufacturer of laboratory equipment - we know that this is a confirmed hypothesis. Why?

By creating the DISINFECTION section in the our offer ( we have contributed to the fight against the pandemic. Our engineers have designed an ozone generator (GO24) for air purification and refreshment, metal dispensers for disinfectants, and the SRW sterilizer for disinfecting surgical masks and FFP2 and FFP3 masks - which is currently the most effective form of disinfecting masks!

We conduct free trainings, clean the kindergartens and we are glad that we can provide you a little more sense of security in this tough period. Be healthy and responsible, soon we will not remember what COVID was ...