The COMFORT and PREMIUM models are equipped with a PID microprocessor controller with an LCD graphic display and illuminated touch buttons.

standard controller

Controller advantages

  • temperature control
  • operating with temperature priority
  • adjustable start delay feature (1 min…99:59 h)
  • loop function up to 99 times or endless
  • overview of set and current parameters while operating
  • recording of min, average and max temperature value for each segment
  • audible and visual temperature alarm
  • temperature sensor fail alarm
  • power failure control system (program continued after restoring power)
  • digital timer
  • real-time clock
  • auto-diagnostic function
  • internal memory to store up to 2046 data records
  • natural (ZLN-T) or forced (ZLW-T) air convection
programming chart

Standard features

  • temperature range -25…0°C for ZLN 85 and -40…0°C for ZLN-T 125, 200, 300
  • wire stainless steel shelves for ZLN 85 and perforated stainless steel for ZLN-T 125, 200, 300
  • quality control protocol (at -20°C)
  • English instruction manual
  • available menu languages: Czech, English, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • open door alarm
  • access port: Ø20 mm
  • door lock
  • solid door
  • RS 232 and USB ports for data transfer
  • internal memory to store up to 2046 data records
  • wheels in standard for ZLN-T 300