Sterilizers SRW Smart for disinfection of masks

Medical refrigerators for storing COVID-19 vaccine

All countries in the world are currently struggling with a shortage of personal protective equipment in the healthcare system.

In order to reduce the shortage, there are various indications as how to disinnfect the face masks, so they can be reused.

Stanford University researchers recommend sterlizing the N95 masks at 85*C for 20 minutes.

On 6th May 2020 at 5:00PM on the RMF radio station there was some more information on it. It was proved that sterilization is the best method so far.

Sterilizer SRW 115 Smart for disinfection of masks

Translation of the Transcript of the Podcast RMF:

Radio announcer:

The N95 face masks which are the most wanted ones when it comes to the protection of healthcare workers against the COVID-19 can exceptionally be reused if they are sterilized at high temperature. Most recent study of Stanford University researchers is brought up to us today by Mr Grzegorz Jasinski. Hello Grzegorz! Is that a way to solve out the problem of the N95 mask shortage?

Mr Grzegorz Jasinski:

It’s a kind of an alternative way. Of course, these masks are disposable. However, as there’s a big shortage worldwide, researchers have been trying to find out a way to disinfect them so they can be used again or even reused multiple times. The polypropylene fibers which is the key protective layer of the N95 masks were tested with in several ways. Alcohol and bleaching agents after one use reduced the protective features by 50%. Hot steam destroyed the mask after just a few uses. The UV light worked only at very precise conditions. It was proved that the most effective way was to keep the mask at 85*C for 20 minutes. This way the N95 mask can be disinfected up to 50 times.

Research paper here

German governmentin a document published in April, indicated recommendations for decontamination of both masks commonly called “surgical” masks and FFP2 and FFP3 by using a hot air (65-70°C) for 30 minutes.

This process can be carried out with a standard drying ovens / laboratory sterilizers.

You can find the original document here

The only places where you cannot re-use a protective equipment (even sanitized) are operating rooms. However for a daily hospital duties or in stationary care, they are ideal.

According to the recommendations of the German government:

MNS masks called “surgical masks” Purpose: to protect third parties (not the wearer), primarily to protect the patient. These masks are used in most healthcare facilities. In case of external protection in daily work in hospital wards, clinics or care facilities, reuse is possible. Personalized use is required. In case of using in an operating room or in interventional surgery, reuse is generally not possible. Disinfecting the masks is possible by using a dry heat (at 65-70°C for 30 minutes).

Respiratory masks as personal protective equipment, protecting against corona-viruses, with the filter function (masks FFP 2 and FFP 3)
Oposite to the medical face masks, these masks are used to protect the user. These masks are mandatory to protect medical personnel. Disinfecting the masks is possible using dry heat (at 65-70°C for 30 minutes).

As the biggest Polish manufacturer of laboratory equipment, we would like to offer you our hot air sterilizers, which are an ideal solution for a mask decontamination.

To make the task as easy as possible, we have prepared a special program:

Mask sterilization program for SRW part 1
Mask sterilization program for SRW part 2

We offer three models:

SRW 115 SMART (cap. 115 l) SRW 180 SMART (cap. 180 l) limited series, dimensions like SLW 180 SMART SRW 240 SMART (cap. 245 l)

All of our units have a temperature display and a timer. They also have registration and full documentation of the process (duration and temperature).

Each unit also has a door lock - the lock is activated automatically when the program is started. This ensures that no one will add any mask during the process (all masks will complete the full disinfection cycle).

During one cycle you can decontaminate the following number of masks:

One cycle Surgical masks Masks FFP2, FFP3, N95
SRW 115 Smart 150 pcs. 48 pcs.
SRW 180 Smart 264 pcs. 80 pcs.
SRW 240 Smart 300 pcs. 135 pcs.

We recommend the special shelves for the sterilizers that enable optimal filling of units with the masks.

Example for the smallest model SRW 115 SMART:

For surgical masks

Surgical Mask Holder for SRW
Drawing SRW 115 with surgical mask racks

For masks FFP2 and FFP3

Mask holder FFP2 and FFP3 for SRW
Drawing SRW 115 with FFP2 and FFP3 mask holder

For masks N95

Mask holder N95 for SRW
Drawing SRW 115 with N95 mask racks

One full cycle (with loading, unloading and heating of the unit) can be carried out in about 1 hour,

so in one day you can decontaminate the following number of masks:

In 12h Surgical masks Masks FFP2 and FFP3
SRW 115 SMART 1 800 pcs. 576 pcs.
SRW 180 SMART 3 168 pcs. 960 pcs.
SRW 240 SMART 3 600 pcs. 1 620 pcs.

Investment in SRW sterilizer pays off after one day of use!
In addition, you can significantly reduce the cost of utilization used masks.