Since July 2016, we are a partner of the project "Secrets of nature - science of animate and inanimate nature through experiments" , which is financially supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Partnership of ZSP 4 school in the project Secrets of Nature!

ZSP 4 school from Wodzisław Śląski participated successfully in the project Secrets of Nature which is aiming to return to children interest for nature and surrounding world through science experiments. The children are learning through simple experiments to get known basic science knowledge. The presentation of selected experiments was held in February which was supported by International Visegrad´s Fund (ID 21610250). The presentation was managed by teachers Monika and Luiza with the support of author of the project PhDr. Tomáš Kudrna. The children were acting and playing as detectives and wizards and they were discovering the secret of nature. The portable laboratory, textbook of experiments and worksheets were introduced to all participants.

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