In the third quarter of 2019, we did an extensive changes in our offer. We are talking about new SMART and SMART PRO controllers, which have been added to all thermostatic devices from our current offer. This is a serious step for us and also for our customers and distributors. The following article will introduce you the silhouette of the controller, his advantages and for sure encourage you to take a closer look at it.

Well, where did this idea come from? The answer may seem simple in itself, but it consists of a whole series of events that led us to create the SMART line. The modern world has made producers a simple condition: "YOUR PRODUCT MUST BE SIMPLE TO USE", we saw it very clearly and we did not want to be indebted to changes in the market.

When we started to think about what surrounds us and what our future will look like, we unanimously concluded that our lives were turned upside down a long time ago with the launch of the first Smartphone.


Because everything just got easier, from listening to music, contact with loved ones, to shopping.

Why can't we give the same to our customers?

This is how SMART was created - simple, intuitive, readable: "As smart as your smartphone"

Taking the simplicity of using smartphones as an example, our SMART controller is equipped with a clear touchscreen. Bearing in mind the intended use of our devices, we went a step further - the possibility of working with a wearing gloves.

SMART is primarily intuitive and comfortable operation. For the purpose of introducing the driver, we have created over 150 icons that make working on it simply convenient. Icons symbolize the operations performed on the device, alert and inform the user about the most important activities.

The drop-down bar gives you instant access to the most important options of the device. What's more, the possibility of configuration allows the user to decide what will be on his bar.

The Quick program allows you to start the program immediately without having to enter the menu.

The advantages and capabilities of the new drivers could be discussed for a long time. All of them are also available on a dedicated website, but the most important for us is the opinion and feedback received directly from you, our clients. So, if you have decided on SMART, share your impressions with us. What would you like to change? What would you like to add? And remember that your opinion matters!