Earth, water, air and fire. The four elements that build the material world around us. A philosophical theory that has become firmly a part of human being. Despite the progress and continuous development of technology for humans, they are dangerous. Floods, tornadoes and windstorms, earthquakes and fires take their toll every year, destroying many homes, fields and forests. Can we control the elements?


Today we'll write a little more about fire, which spreads easily and quickly. It is also not easy to control. However, you can protect yourself from its possible ignition and spread. For years, a comprehensive approach to fire safety in the field of plastics, adhesives, paints, varnishes and wood industry products has been provided by our customer NYSA Chem® Sp. z o. o. from Wroclaw. Numerous applications of plastics in all branches of economy force the improvement and adaptation of their functional properties to the intended use. Knowledge, experience and individual approach to the problem of reducing flammability make it possible to develop new, innovative fire-safe material solutions that are used in many areas of life


Synthetic polymers are the building blocks of plastics and many chemical products, such as the already mentioned paints, adhesives and industrial oils. Unfortunately, one of the least desirable characteristics of polymers is their flammability. Tougher fire safety standards in many sectors of the economy (automotive, construction, electronics, domestic appliances, aviation, etc. ) have led to the search for new solutions to improve the fire safety of polymers. NYSA Chem® Sp. z o. o. closely follows new trends, products, legislative changes in fire safety and environmental protection. This knowledge helps the company set business strategies for the coming years and offer an up-to-date product portfolio of the highest quality standard. It is the duty of NYSA Chem® Sp. z o. o. to be constantly involved in innovation, development of new products and their implementation into industrial practice.


NYSA Chem® Sp. z o. o. carries out research and development projects, during which it conducts application tests of developed fire resistant solutions. Drying ovens produced by POL-EKO-APARATURA are helpful in research on thermal resistance. That is why they are not missing from the NYSA Chem® Sp. z o. o. laboratory equipment.

The drying oven with forced air circulation of 53 litres capacity with Smart controller with forced air circulation of 53 litres capacity with Smart controller, produced by POL-EKO-APARATURA, extended the scope of research on fire retardancy. The drying oven is a thermostatic heating device with a temperature range from 5°C above ambient temperature to +300°C. Therefore, thanks to that it is possible to carry out tests at elevated temperatures in order to check the thermal resistance of products and their properties. Fire retardant impregnations for fabrics, plywood and OSB are also tested in the drying oven. Additionally, the drying oven allows you to cure various polyaddition resins and polymer composite samples. The information obtained from the research allows us to prepare the best possible solutions for customers.


NYSA Chem® Sp. z o. o. is another customer that trusted laboratory devices manufactured by POL-EKO-APARATURA. We are very pleased to be able to boast yet another company and the research that goes into our devices that so powerfully impacts the daily lives of millions of people around the world.