Waste water receipt stations

Installation in container or building

FEKO+ is a waste water receipt station intended to work at waste water treatment plants and sewage pumping stations. It can identify the origin of the sewage, as well as each carrier. Moreover, it is able to measure the volume and various parameters of the disposed sewage, such as pH, temperature conductivity to ensure full monitoring of the waste water.

How does FEKO+ work?

Each of the authorized sewage carriers receives an RFID card – identification key. Each and every use of the identification key starts the verification process of the following data: identification of the carrier in the data base, identification of the client, sewage origin and its address and finally – it allows the discharge of the sewage.

If the verification process has been passed successfully, the pneumatic valve opens and the carrier is able to start the gravitational discharge. When finished, the valve closes and the pipes are rinsed afterwards. The carrier receives a printed receipt with the following information: name of the carrier, delivery date and time, address of the sewage origin, sewage parameters: pH, conductivity, temperature and volume.

Download catalogue "Waste Water Receipt Stations FEKO+"

FEKO+ waste water receipt stations are available in seven basic sizes from the FEKO+/SX box model to the container in which the sand trap can be installed.

Depending on the place of installation, whether it is a waste water treatment plant or a collector on a sewage network, waste water receipt stations are equipped with a number of additional modules (options). Depending on the needs, the appropriate station components are selected which influence the size of the container in which the FEKO+ station will be installed. All containers are equipped with an electrical heating system with a radiator, mechanical ventilation and lighting. The containers are, as a standard, made of stainless steel (inside and outside) - walls of the "sandwich" type with 100 mm insulation and a floor made of corrugated aluminium sheet or stainless steel (additional option)