FEKO+ Waste Water Receipt Station

FEKO+ is  a waste water receipt station intended to work at waste water treatment plants and sewage pumping stations. It can identify the origin of the sewage, as well as each carrier. Moreover, it is able to measure the volume and various parameters of the disposed sewage, such as pH, temperature conductivity to ensure full monitoring of the waste water.

The FEKO+ waste water receipt station consists of:

  • control and identification panel (stainless steel, IP-55) equipped with a full color LCD 5,7’’ display
  • possibility of data archiving and data base creating (addresses),
  • IO module (enter/exit)
  • USB slot – for data transfer and for manual programming
  • carrier identification module
  • sewage identification module: municipal, industrial, sludge,
  • thermal printer for receipts
  • keyboard (made of stainless steel) with possibility to enter up to 3 sewage origin addresses.

The FEKO+ station can be installed either in a building or in a stainless steel container. The inlet of the sewage pipeline that is located on the external wall of the building or container allows a quick and self-service connection.

FEKO+ can provide waste water receipts, working hours control, waste water volume control, full monitoring of the waste water parameters (pH, conductivity, temperature – Memosens technology), receipt data registration (with possibility to save them on a memory stick), waste water carriers supervision and data export in the following file formats: *.pdf, *.xls, *.doc, *.html.

Each of the authorized sewage carriers receives an RFID card – identification key. Each and every use of the identification key starts the verification process of the following data: identification of the carrier in the data base, identification of the client, sewage origin and its address and finally –  it allows the discharge of the sewage.

If the verification process has been passed successfully, the pneumatic valve opens and the carrier is able to start the gravitational discharge.  When finished, the valve closes and the pipes are rinsed afterwards.  The carrier receives a printed receipt with the following information: name of the carrier, delivery date and time, address of the sewage origin, sewage parameters: pH, conductivity, temperature and volume.

FEKO+ is an independently working unit. There is no need of any continuous support to the station and only periodic maintenance is required. The software is based on the Windows CE 6.0 environment and it allows to read, program and archive all data. Moreover, there is also  a data base (MS SQL SERVER 2014 Express) with the list of all streets in the region. All the data collected from the station is sent via Ethernet to the main control room where it can be further browsed or filtered.

The client application can be installed on a few computers working in the same network, without any additional license.

The FEKO+ waste water receipt station can be equipped with solid separators or a macerator.

The FEKO+ application is an integral part of the FEKO+ waste water receipt station. It allows a remote control of the station generation of reports based on data sent from the station, generation of invoices and use of further station features indispensable for its operation.

Thanks to FEKO+ application you can:

  • remotely update software
  • create data base with the customer addresses (possibility to classify them according to the residential area or city)
  • control sewage carriers
  • generate invoices and sales records
  • analyze statistics and generate reports by divergence criteria (e.g. locations with highest/lowest amount of disposed waste water)


Waste water receipt station
Waste water receipt station

The FEKO+ software is an integral app of the FEKO+ station which allows you to setup and control the FEKO+ station remotely,
generate raports based on the data stored in the station os issue invoices.
You can also:

  • update the software remotely
  • create databases of estates with septic tanks
  • schedule of carriers control
  • generate sales records
Waste water receipt station