LabDesk application is an integral part of Smart PRO series. The application was created for the demanding client to facilitate its operation and control of devices manufactured by POL-EKO-APARATURA.

LabDesk monitory

The application has the following functionalities:

  • simultaneous connection with several Smart PRO devices
  • remote control of devices
  • remote viewing of device status
  • downloading statistics of the running program from devices
  • data / events import registered in devices
  • saving and reading files in the .plkx format (LabDesk)
  • generating charts
  • generating reports
  • to edition and creating programs
  • creating an offline program
LabDesk ekrany
ControllerSmart Smart PRO
dongle requiredyesno
changing LabDesk languageyesyes
overview of running program statusyesyes
real-time running program data saving to the filenoyes
alarm informationyesyes
panel with programs downloaded from deviceyesyes
possibility to create programs and upload them remotely to devicenoyes
modification of existing programsnoyes
creating programs offlinenoyes
starting / stopping programsnoyes
setting a delayed start of programnoyes
panel with schedules downloaded from devicenoyes
possibility to create schedules and upload them remotely to devicenoyes
modification of existing schedulesnoyes
starting / stopping schedulesnoyes
overview of current temperature and humidity graphyesyes
opening registry data file exported from deviceyesyes
generating reports from registry data fileyesyes
generating graphs from registry data fileyesyes
opening events data file exported from deviceyesyes
generating reports from events data fileyesyes
downloading registry data from deviceyesyes
saving downloaded registry data to fileyesyes
generating a graph of data from a fileyesyes
generating reports from downloaded datayesyes
generating graphs from downloaded datayesyes
downloading events from device registryyesyes
generating reports from downloaded eventsyesyes
overview of current data statistics from deviceyesyes
generating reports from current statisticsyesyes
user management panelyesyes
possibility to add devices and connect to them remotely10Infinity
changing device time zonenoyes
changing device namenoyes
changing device interface languagenoyes
device interface settingsnoyes
changing device temperature correctionnoyes
setting device alarmsnoyes
editing device usersnoyes