Ozone Generators

Mobile ozonator for office and laboratory

An ozone generator, also called an ozonizer, is a device for producing ozone. It is extremely useful for cleaning and refreshing the air.

Ozone generator is an indispensable tool for air disinfection and refreshment. Ozone can eliminate pollution and kill many various microorganisms, as it has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also deals with odor, completely neutralizing it.


An extremely useful and effective method for cleaning and refreshing interiors. The device produces ozone, which as a gas fights different types of microorganisms and bacteria in our environment. It is worth mentioning that the ozone produced has a strong viricidal, bactericidal and fungicidal effect. The equipment is particularly recommended for the hotel industry, but also for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, restaurants and many others.


How does ozonizer work?

How does ozonizer work?

1. Atmospheric air 2. Fan 3. High voltage discharges 4. Generator outer shield 5. Ozone particles

It can produce ozone through electric discharges on ceramic plates using oxygen located in the air. Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen – Triatomic oxygen (ozone, O3 ) and has strong antiseptic features. Compared to oxygen, ozone is unstable. Its half-life in the air is as short as 40 minutes (depending on the level of air pollution and temperature). After 2 hours, it transforms into diatomic oxygen molecules (O2.) The ozone generator can be used for sterilizing, disinfecting and removing unpleasant odors in rooms, cars or vans.

WARNING: neither people nor animals may stay in the room during ozonation.

After the ozonation process is completed, wait 20 minutes and then ventilate the room.

The room can be used after 2 hours.

GO24/48 ozone generator basic features:

  • Environmental conditions: for internal use
  • Maximum continuous operating time: 90min
  • Minimum rest period after 90mincycle: 20min
  • Maximum cubic capacity of sterilized areas: 165/420 m3
  • Maximum cubic capacity of the sanitized room: 330/840 m3