Emergency Power Supply

Power supply back-up for samples safety

The Power supply back-up provides backup power to refrigerators, thermostatic cabinets, refrigerated incubators and freezers in the event of power outages and protects against disturbances in the power grid.

The system allows the equipment to operate safely until a stable power supply is restored or until the battery is completely discharged. In the case of drug and vaccine storage, the battery backup of the pharmaceutical refrigerators allows the so-called "cold chain" to be maintained, even in the event of a power outage of 4 to 30 hours.

Standard equipment

  • inverter with battery charging function
  • accumulator(s)
  • Caster wheels with brake
  • visual and audible signalling
  • informing about the operating status
  • E electric socket type E (230V)
  • Instruction manual in English

The power supply back-up can work with all models of pharmaceutical and laboratory refrigerators and cooled incubators (from 70 to 1365 liters) and ILW 240/400/750 and with ZLN85/ZL-T freezers. Battery operation time depends on the size of the thermostat unit and the power supply back-up model selected.

Why not the classic "UPS"?

A dedicated battery backup system is required to provide emergency power to freezers and refrigerators, as one of the components of the refrigeration system is the compressor. At the moment of starting the compressor, a current several times higher than the rated current is consumed, which in classic "UPS" used for emergency maintenance, e. g. computers, causes the protection to be triggered and automatically shut down. Power supply back-up produced by POL-EKO can be overloaded up to 300% for 20 seconds, which allows the compressor to start freely. In addition, the compressor requires a "clean" sinusoidal signal on the power supply. "UPS" usually provide a voltage with rectangular or approximated characteristics that can damage the compressor winding.