Compact Line Fume Hoods

Compact Line – Safety in every laboratory

The Compact Line fume hoods ensure safe and comfortable work in the laboratory. Metal construction and a wide range of finishing elements (worktops, fittings, accessories, etc.) allow the fume hood to fit the needs of any laboratory. Our fume hoods are manufactured according to the PN-EN 14175 standard.


The Compact Line DCL series fume hoods come standard with 2 electrical outlets and 2 water spouts with valves on the front panel. The construction of DCL laboratory fume cupboards is entirely made of galvanized steel without the use of wood-based materials. The worktop surface at a height of 900 mm, depending on the model, is selected according to the requirements of the application. All DCL fume hoods are equipped with a tempered glass window, manually operated with a counterbalance. Window opening upwards with locking mechanism at 500 mm height, additionally sliding window can be right/left. The window has a system to prevent it from falling uncontrollably.

The fume hood uses a double back wall system with extraction slots in the upper and lower parts to ensure proper extraction of vapours lighter or heavier than air without turbulence and dead zones, plus a safety flap in the ceiling to ensure decompression in the event of an uncontrolled increase in pressure in the working chamber.

Laboratory fume hoods DCL are controlled from a panel, which includes a full set for monitoring (Schneider) of air velocity in the fume cupboard window in accordance with PE-EN 14175.


Tabletop fume hoods, also called countertop fume cupboards, are most often chosen by schools and small labs, their construction is made entirely of galvanized steel without the use of wood-based materials. Window made of tempered glass, manually operated with counterbalance, opened upwards with a lock at 500mm (max 810mm), the window has a system preventing its uncontrolled falling. The DCL tabletop fume hood is equipped with energy-saving LED linear lighting, separated by glass from the fume cupboard working chamber. The double back wall system with extraction slots in the upper and lower sections ensures correct extraction of lighter or heavier than air vapours without turbulence and dead zones.


For applications where large equipment or materials need to be placed under the laboratory fume hood, DCL walk-in metal fume hoods are also available.

The walk-in fume hood is characterized by a large working space without a tabletop, all other elements such as electrical outlets, fittings, grilles or inspection openings can be installed according to the requirements and specifications of the User.