Standard equipment for fume hoods:

  • 2 x 230V electrical sockets
  • 2 x water taps with valves in the front panel
  • ventilated underbench cabinet made of steel covered by chemically resistant epoxy paint, connected to the ventilation system of fume hood,
  • designed for short-term storage of reagents, PP cuvette
  • illumination of working chamber
  • air-flow sensor

Optional equipment :

  • additional media:
    gas valves (technical gases and flammable gases)
    electrical sockets,
  • explosion-proof equipment (illumination, electric sockets with plug adapters)
  • glazed side walls 700×500 mm , made of tempered safety glass 4 mm
  • grate on the back wall made of stainless steel
  • elements of the fume hood made of stainless steel EN 1.4404 (construction, internal chamber, worktop, housing)
  • possibility of placing safety cabinet under the fume hood instead of standard cabinet

Q-Flow - air flow sensor

  • controlling functions with alarm status indicated by visual and acoustic signals in case of decreased air flow
  • alarm indicating that the sash window exceeds the maximum opening height
  • display showing current airflow in m³/h
  • controlled and indicated alarm status
  • recognition and optical signaling power failure
  • continuous work even after power failure – build-in battery
  • control of fume cupboard illumination
fume hoods drawing

Fume hood designed for safety cabinet


Fume hood with polypropylene cupboard


Fume hood with reduced height, to be installed in rooms with lower ceilings.


Fume hood with glazing on both sides


Tabletop fume hood


WALK-IN fume hood