Pass-Through Sterilizers

The ideal solution for cleanrooms

Pass-through sterilizers - as a link between the clean and dirty zones

Pass-through sterilizers are made on the basis of standard laboratory drying ovens and are used on production lines as well as a connector drying / sterilizing between clean and dirty areas.

The chamber of POL-EKO passage sterilizer is made of stainless steel and the casing is made of powder-painted sheet metal. The device is equipped with a color touch screen Smart display. POL-EKO pass-through sterilizers have forced air circulation. The units are available in two capacities - 115l and 240l.

The units have solid doors at the front and rear. On the front there is a touch panel of the Smart controller and on the back there are 3 indicator lights which inform about the status of the sterilization program. Hot air sterilizers with a pass-through design are used on production lines and as a drying/sterilizing link between clean and dirty zones.