Safety shower test units

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Safety shower test unit

Laboratory safety showers should be tested once a month to check the functionality and the requested water flow rate of 60 l/min in an emergency case. This mobile test unit provides a very convenient and easy solution to test your body safety showers and handheld eye showers.

  • Transparent PVC water reservoir on castors, 110 litre capacity
  • Built-in suction pump (230 V) and IP 45 protected power switch
  • Drain hose (2 m) to empty the water reservoir
  • Separate mounts for drain hose and power cord

Centrally placed under the body safety shower the big funnel can be extended to a height of 2,30 metres, while the smaller funnel is designed to collect the water from handheld eye showers (min. flow rate: 6 l/min). The collected water amount can be read on the water reservoir scale from 0 to 110 litres. The built-in electrical suction pump will empty the reservoir in a very short time.

According to EN 15154-1,2:2006 the water flow rate of the plumbed-in body showers shall be at least 60 l/min and 6 l/min of the plumbed-in eye wash units.