Laboratory Freezers

Natural or forced air circulation

Laboratory freezers can freeze and store frozen samples.

Taking care of the quality of our products, in our offer you will not find a two-function device called “laboratory fridge-freezer”. Our refrigerators do not have an integrated freezer inside like home appliances. Our fridge-freezers are two-chamber devices – one chamber is a refrigerator, the other is a freezer. Bearing in mind the concern for device parameters and their functionality, we have created few product categories: laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers and ultra-low freezers. Laboratory refrigerators are equipped with a cooling system – they keep the temperature lower than the ambient temperature, however their temperature range doesn’t reach negative values. Usually it is 0-10 or 0-15°C. In the case of our laboratory freezers, the temperature inside the chamber may reach -25/-40°C. The temperature goes even lower in ultra-low freezers – up to even -86°C.


The ZLN 85 freezer and the three ZLN-T freezer models with available capacities 130, 210 i 310 litres are natural-air appliances. The freezers are available with Smart and Smart PRO controllers, and their compartments can be made in C (comfort), CS (comfort/S), P (premium) and PS (transform/S) versions.


The ZLW-T freezers are devices with forced air circulation. Models are available with capacities of 210 and 310 litres. By using a fan, the stability and uniformity of the temperature in the chamber is greatly improved, and the cartridge is cooled faster. The effect of faster cooling of the load is particularly beneficial in situations where the chamber must be opened frequently.

Laboratory freezers are used for long-term storage of samples and biological material for research. They can store plasma or be used for pre-freezing. They are also used to test frost resistance of building materials, e. g. concrete.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

POL-EKO laboratory freezers are mainly used for storing laboratory samples, chemicals, and for applications in scientific research, medicine, and other fields where maintaining low temperatures is necessary.

POL-EKO freezers offer a wide temperature range, from -40°C to 0°C, allowing the storage of diverse samples, including biological materials.

POL-EKO offers various capacities of laboratory freezers, ranging from 85 liters to 310 liters, tailored to different laboratory needs.

Yes, POL-EKO freezers are usually certified according to various standards, such as CE or electrical safety certificates.

Yes, most POL-EKO freezers are equipped with advanced monitoring and alarm systems that alert users in case of deviations from set parameters.

To maintain energy efficiency, regular technical inspections, checking door seals, and maintaining the optimal quantity of stored samples are recommended.

Yes, many models of POL-EKO freezers have an automatic defrosting function, facilitating the maintenance of stable storage conditions.

Durability depends on the proper operation and maintenance of laboratory freezers.

Yes, POL-EKO offers customized options, including various accessories and configuration choices, to meet individual customer needs.