Laboratory freezers can freeze and store frozen samples.

Taking care of the quality of our products, in our offer you will not find a two-function device called “laboratory fridge-freezer”. Our refrigerators do not have an integrated freezer inside like home appliances. Our fridge-freezers are two-chamber devices – one chamber is a refrigerator, the other is a freezer. Bearing in mind the concern for device parameters and their functionality, we have created few product categories: laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers and ultra-low freezers. Laboratory refrigerators are equipped with a cooling system – they keep the temperature lower than the ambient temperature, however their temperature range doesn’t reach negative values. Usually it is 0-10 or 0-15°C. In the case of our laboratory freezers, the temperature inside the chamber may reach -25/-40°C. The temperature goes even lower in ultra-low freezers – up to even -86°C.