Laboratory Refrigerators

Have a cooling system

Laboratory refrigerators can maintain a temperature from 0°C up to 15°C

The CHL laboratory refrigerator is a specialized device for storing temperature-sensitive samples. The laboratory refrigerator has a cooling system that allows samples to be stored below ambient temperature. Such storage guarantees the physical and chemical stability of the sample.

Laboratory refrigerators/fridges are equipped with highly advanced microprocessor temperature controller Smart or Smart PRO, which maintains the set temperature with high stability and uniformity. The advantage of the above mentioned controller is a large and colourful display and intuitive operation even when wearing latex or nitrile gloves. In laboratory refrigerators/fridges, temperature is the priority, so the compressor is turned on when necessary. Comparatively in refrigerators the compressor turns on with a constant interval, regardless of the temperature in the compartment. POL-EKO laboratory refrigerators have forced air circulation, which has beneficial influence on temperature uniformity inside the device. Two-component polyurethane foam provides perfect insulation of the refrigerator chamber and refrigerants used by POL-EKO are ecological.

The CHL laboratory refrigerators are specialized equipment used, among others, in accredited laboratories for storing temperature-sensitive samples.

Laboratory Refrigerators


Laboratory single-chamber refrigerators POL-EKO are available in 10 chamber sizes, from 70 to 1540 liters capacity. Each refrigerator can be equipped with Smart or Smart PRO controller, additionally we offer different variants of housing and interior. Refrigerators can be equipped with solid or glass door. All laboratory refrigerators can be enriched with a number of additional features that facilitate work and create the unit more suitable for requirements of user - not only for storing samples at a constant temperature (adjustable in the range 0. . . +15C).


Double chamber unit is a combination of ST cooled incubator with CHL refrigerator (made in the same version of BASIC/COMFORT/PREMIUM) or ZLN 85+.

Triple chamber units available: ST 1/1/1 cooled incubators and CHL 1/1/1 refrigerators; also possibility to combine e.g. 2x ST 1 with CHL 1 or 2x CHL 1 with ST 1.


Multi-chamber units combine the advantages of CHL laboratory refrigerators, ST thermostatic cabinets, and ZLN 85 laboratory freezers in a single unit.

Mixed laboratory refrigerators are a combination of CHL 1/2/3 laboratory refrigerators with ST 1/2/3 thermostatic cabinets (in the same version B{basic}, C{comfort}, C/S{comfort/S}, P{premium}, P/S{premium/S} and ZLN 85 freezers.

The most versatile combination unit is the ST 1/1/1 and CHL1/1/1 three-chamber thermostatic refrigerator-thermostatic cabinet, it is also possible to combine the ST 1 chamber with 2 CHL 1 chambers and vice versa.

An excellent supplement to the device will be the data logger RT with a built-in GSM module, which informs via SMS about a failure or lack of power. This will keep samples in the refrigerator under greater control.