Cooled Incubators (IL)

Used for microbiological tests

Cooled incubators are perfect for incubation of samples in a stable environment, regardless of ambient conditions, at the temperature from -10 up to +100°C.

Cooled incubators can be equipped with Smart or Smart PRO controller which allow to program time-temperature profiles, carry out incubations at different temperatures and simulate the processes occurring when changing the temperature of samples.

Cooled incubators IL manufactured by POL-EKO are equipped with double door with lock. All units have an access port for inserting an external sensor placed on the side wall. The interior of the chamber is made of acid-resistant stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean.

Cooled Incubators (IL)

The ILW cooled incubators are only available in a forced-air version. These are devices have no ventilation chimney.

The ILW incubators can be optionally equipped with a photoperiod or phytotron function, allowing to control not only temperature but also lighting, simulating day/night conditions.

POL-EKO offers 5 models of incubators with capacities from 56 to 749 liters.

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