Non-standard equipment

We have our own engineering and technical facilities, thanks to which we are able to design and manufacture non-standard equipment, which will meet the requirements of the most unusual applications.

Depending on the individual requirements of customers, the units may have non-standard dimensions and additional equipment, various temperature ranges, as well as an unusual color or type of coating.

Together with our customers, we have already completed many very interesting projects. Some of them a represented below.

Equipment with non-standard dimensions

  • drying oven 2SOOI
  • two-chamber drying oven SLW 5OO/SLW 5OO with the door with viewing window
  • pass-through sterilizer 3100l with trolleys
  • drying oven 5000l with the possibility of access by a pallet truck
  • dry-aging chambers for meat, equipped with reinforced shelves and hooks
tresc alternatywna obrazka

Equipment with rotating mechanisms

tresc alternatywna obrazka
  • laboratory incubator with a built-in slow-rotating grate that allows to mix the content of the bottles
  • drying oven with tilting shelf — shelf connected with a lever placed outside, allows you to change the angle of its inclination — a mechanism used to test the flow path of e.g. resins

Equipment with non-standard illumination

  • ST and ILW cooled incubators and incubators with UV-C light
  • ST l-6 cooled incubators with FIT option in side walls
  • climatic chambers with phytotron with additional UV light
  • ST cooled incubators with illumination in the form of LED strips
urządzenia z nietypowym oświetleniem