Laboratory Sterilizers

Ready-to-use sterilization programs also for N95 and FFP2 masks

Hot-air sterilizers have been equipped with a couple of additional functions that protect samples.

They can sterilize at temperatures of up to 250°C.

Sterilizers SRW Smart for disinfection of masks


Natural air circulation sterilizers are available in 3 sizes 56, 112 and 245 liters capacity. These units are only available with a Smart controller that has 3 preloaded sterilization programs. The appliance door is automatically locked during sterilization. They can only be unlocked at the end of the sterilization program or, if necessary, after it has been stopped manually. At the same time as the door locks, the ventilation chimney is closed.


The forced air sterilizers are available in 6 chamber sizes from 56 to 1005 liters capacity. Laboratory sterilizers are designed to sterilize with hot air the elements used in everyday work in the laboratory. They are also perfect for unusual applications such as sterilization and disinfection of documents or masks. Dedicated stainless steel racks are available for sterilization of masks (both surgical and FFP2/FFP3 or N95) and documents or books.

Answers to the most common questions about sterilizers can be found in our FAQ section.