Ultra-Low Freezers

Long-term freezing at -86°C with VIP insulated panels

"As Smart As Your Smartphone" ultra-low freezers ZLN-UT

Ultra-low-temperature freezers (ZLN-UT) are devices that allow deep freezing and long-term storage of biotechnological samples and other materials in the temperature range from -86°C to -50°C. Depending on the application, you can choose the COMFORT model (interior made of stainless steel DIN 1. 4016) or PREMIUM (interior of acid-resistant stainless steel DIN 1. 4301).


Ultra-Low Freezers with polyurethane foam insulation are available in 3 chamber sizes 259 and 482 litres. Due to the maintenance of low temperatures, for the ZLN-UT devices as an option we offer a set for connecting a CO2 cylinder, which will be an emergency cooling of the batch in case of failure due to e. g. power outage. The CO2 back-up system is a solution that protects the load from thawing too quickly.

ZLN-UT laboratory ultra-low temperature freezers are equipped with modern and innovative Smart or Smart PRO controllers.

Ultra-low-temperature laboratory freezer equipment with Smart PRO controller:

  • temperature range -86…-50°C
  • LabDesk software
  • ethernet cable
  • quality control protocol (at -80°C)
  • English instruction manual
  • access port: Ø20 mm
  • door lock
  • external solid door and internal solid door for each chamber
  • wheels
  • controller spare batteries in case of power failure – alarm output
  • additional port for installation of CO2 backup (option)

ZLN-UT/ST rack with drawers

Sturdy and heavy duty, made of stainless steel; feature quick and easy access to all boxes; 3 or 4 drawers (each for 4 boxes) per rack.

modelcompartmentsracks per compartment (opcja)boxes per rack (opcja)rack setboxes per compartment (opcja)boxes per unit (opcja)test-tubes Ø 12,5 mm per unit (opcja)
ZLN-UT 13018128 x ZLN-UT/ST1296967 776
ZLN-UT 200281216 x ZLN-UT/ST129619215 552
ZLN-UT 300281616 x ZLN-UT/ST1612825620 736
ZLN-UT 50024+812/168 x ZLN-UT/ST12 + 16 x ZLN-UT/ST1617635228 512