The brand new Smart PRO controllers are direct followers to the TOP+ controllers and will be available for the KK climatic chambers, IL cooled incubators, SL drying ovens, CL laboratory incubators, as well as the ST cooled incubators, CHL laboratory refrigerators, ZL laboratory freezers and ZLN-UT ultra-low freezers.

Advantages of the Smart PRO controller:

  • large (7"), clear, full colour touch screen
  • LAN, USB ports and WiFi for communication and data transfer
  • multi-segment time and temperature programs
  • loop function up to 255 times or endless
  • adjustable start delay feature
  • adjustable ramps
  • recording of min, average and max temperature value for each segment
  • operating in temperature or time priority mode
  • fan speed control in the range of 0 … 100% or 10% … 100% (depending on the chamber capacity); and 50…100% for ST/CHL/ZL, except ILP
  • temperature sensor fail alarm
  • possibility of temperature calibration by the User
  • power failure control system (program continued after restoring power)
  • overview of data in tabular and graphic form
  • visual and sound alarm
  • administrating functions for management
  • password protected log-in
  • internal memory for programs and data storage
  • operating with gloves on
  • event registry with user notifications
  • LabDesk software and user manual for direct download
  • Alarm Bar – quick visual information about device status
  • Quick Note – user can save messages (50 characters) in Smart PRO controller memory
  • Quick Change of parameters: temperature, humidity, time, air flap and fan

GLP supporting feature

  • possibility to create user accounts with rights and password assignment
  • 40 user programs memory
  • data registry – 10 000 data records for each user, possibility to display data on the screen in tabular or grahpic form
  • direct data download through USB port
  • event registry

All product data sheets with the Smart PRO controller can be found here .