Laboratory Incubators

Used for incubating the samples

Laboratory incubators are thermostatic devices used to incubate samples in temperature conditions (up to a maximum of +100 °C)

Laboratory incubators are devices equipped only with a heater system (no cooling system). These devices maintain a constant temperature from 5 °C above the ambient temperature to maximum of 100 °C. Thus, these devices will allow proper testing under specific temperature conditions.

CL laboratory incubators are available with double door (external solid, internal glass). Optionally, the external door can be fitted with a vision window to allow observation of samples. In order to secure the cartridge, all doors are locked.The housing can be powder coated or made of structural stainless steel (linen). POL-EKO laboratory incubators are equipped with LAN port and USB port for efficient data transfer to external media. Laboratory incubators are distinguished by a microprocessor-based, large colour display available in Smart and Smart PRO options. Our offer includes incubators with natural or forced air circulation.

Laboratory Incubators


Laboratory incubators with natural air circulation are available in sizes from 15 to 245 liters. In appliances with natural air circulation, no fan is installed in the chamber. That makes these devices ideal for delicate materials, and those that too quickly lose the moisture through forced air circulation.


The forced-air laboratory incubators are available in 9 models from 15 to 1005 liters. As a result of fan(s) installed inside the chamber, devices are characterized by very good results of variation and fluctuation.

If you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQ section, where you will find the most common questions about laboratory incubators.