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    1. POL-EKO products come with a standard warranty of 24 months for the user/buyer, starting from the purchase date (or the invoice issue date).
    2. The warranty does not cover any damage resulting from improper transport.
    3. Returning the device to POL-EKO: the user/buyer covers the transport costs back to POL-EKO in case of valid warranty claim and POL-EKO handles the transport back to the user/buyer. In case of an invalid claim, the user/buyer covers the cost of transporting the unit both ways.
    4. The returned device needs to be cleaned and decontaminated, if necessary.
    5. In case the repair requires outsourced components, the repair process may take slightly more time.
    6. The warranty period is extended by the total repair time the unit is held in for service.
    7. The term ‘repair’ does not cover the installation, maintenance or minor adjustment service actions.
    8. Warranty repairs are to be conducted by POL-EKO service dept. or Distributor’s authorized personnel only.
    9. Warranty covers mass-storage devices delivered along with the equipment; warranty does not cover data saved on any user external devices connected to the equipment, e.g. memory card or USB storage. It is recommended make a back-up copy of important data.
    10. Warranty does not cover consumable items replracement, e.g. batteries, light spots/tubes, door seals.
    11. Warranty does not cover any damage to the glass parts and any mechanical damage.
    12. The warranty is void when:
      • intended use and important operation information are not followed,
      • the maintenance, inspection and storing recommendations included in the user manual are neglected,
      • any unauthorized modification made to the device,
      • the warranty seal is torn,
      • there are no anti-surge protections in the building which may lead to damage (e.g. due to lightning),