Stationary samplers

Representative sample taking according to ISO 5667 directive.

Stationary sampling units (samplers) for the collection of water and wastewater.

The PP2002 series of sampling devices are made of acid-resistant stainless steel with a 40 mm thick islation. As a result, they can be installed both indoors and outdoors - the housing is resistant to adverse atmospheric conditions, and are therefore universal devices that can take samples both on process lines and from channels or tanks.

The sampling devices are equipped with a sampling system as required:

- vacuum/pressure pump - recommended for tank and open channel intake
- peristaltic pump (E version) - recommended for sampling of pipelines

The thermostated sample storage chamber for stationary sampling devicess can be equipped with 1, 4, 12 or 24 plastic pouch bottles.

Download flyer "PP2002+ Stationary Samplers"


Stationary sampling units guarantee the collection of a representative sample for testing in accordance with ISO 5667, allow sampling:
- in proportion to the time
- in proportion to the flow
- depending on the event (e.g. exceeding a preset pH value)
- mixed sampling programme

The units are entirely manufactured in Poland from the best components, and have intuitive menus in Polish (as well as English, French, Italian, Czech, Romanian and Lithuanian). The machines can be configured with five different sampling programmes, each of which can have 8 tasks. In addition, a live view of the bottle filling level is available on the display and all sampling data is stored on an SD card.

The versatility offered by the PP2002 series is also achieved with a thermostated sample storage chamber with a CFC-free cooling system and recorded temperature measurement, as well as an enclosure that is resistant to adverse weather conditions and temperatures from -20°C to +45°C.


Monitoring station PP 2002M is an automatic sampling station with integrated transducers for continuous monitoring of parameters such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen content, redox potential, COD. By combining the sampling apparatus with the meters, full control of the physico-chemical parameters is possible. If any exceedances are registered, a sample is taken which can be subjected to in-depth chemical analysis. Optionally, the PP 2002M can be equipped with a GPRS/GSM modem for SMS notification of exceeded limit values.


- Process monitoring in wastewater treatment plants
- Monitoring the effectiveness of wastewater treatment
- Monitoring of the sewage network
- Monitoring and control of water intakes and installations
- Monitoring and control of surface water (rivers, lakes)

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