Peltier-Cooled Incubators

Ecological and economic alternative to ILW cooled incubators

Innovative and ecological incubators ILP with cooling system based on the Peltier cell technology.

The most important advantages of incubators with ILP Peltier modules are:

no vibrations - through the use of Peltier cells, vibrations previously generated by the compressor are eliminated

fluctuation and variation - the cooling system based on Peltier cells allows to achieve excellent fluctuation and variation additionally the time of reaching the set temperature, e. g. after opening the door, is much shorter

lighter and smaller design - Peltier cell cooling system reduces the size of the device and its weight

environmentally friendly - removing the compressor eliminates the use of refrigerant gases that have a negative impact on the environment

The ILP Peltier-cooled incubators are manufactured in 4 sizes, from 56 to 749 l. They are available in Smart and Smart PRO controller versions. The unit can be made of powder-coated sheet metal in light grey with a graphite extension (other colours according to RAL can be ordered by contacting our Sales Department) or structural stainless steel (linen).

All Peltier-cooled laboratory incubators are equipped with an internal glass door to facilitate viewing of the load during the process (optionally, the unit may have an external door with a vision window so that processes can be observed without opening the door, as long as the research being conducted allows light to enter the chamber).

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Peltier technology in POL-EKO incubators utilizes the thermoelectric phenomenon, allowing precise temperature control by the flow of electric current through the Peltier module.

Peltier-based incubators offer efficient cooling, energy savings, precise temperature control, and are more environmentally friendly compared to some traditional models.

No, POL-EKO incubators with Peltier system can be used for both cooling and heating, making them versatile in laboratory applications.

POL-EKO incubators with Peltier system find applications in cell culture, biological research, sample storage, and other processes requiring precise temperature control.

Yes, the incubators are designed for ease of operation, featuring an intuitive user interface.

POL-EKO incubators with Peltier system are typically quiet in operation, which is essential in laboratories where noise can disrupt work.

Yes, POL-EKO incubators are covered by a warranty, providing customers with confidence in the quality and reliability of the product.