CO2 Incubator ILC 260

air convectionnatural (without fan)
chamber capacity [l]262
working capacity [l]205/3/
controllermicroprocessor PID
display7" full colour touch screen
temperature range [°C]5°C above ambient temperature … +50°C
temperature resolution every … [°C]0,1
temperature fluctuation at 37°C [+/-°C]*0,1
temperature variation at 37°C [+/-°C]*0,4
Temperature recovery time after 30 seconds door opening at 37°C [min]5
temperature protectionclass 3.1 to DIN 12880
CO2 range [%]0-20
CO2 resolution every … [%]0,1
CO2 measurementIR
CO2 recovery time after 30 seconds door opening at 5 Vol.-% CO2 [min]10
relative humidity range [%]90-95
door typedouble (external solid, internal glass)
Smart PRODIN 1.4301
Smart PROpowder coated sheet
overall dims [mm] /1/
width A740
height B1070
depth C840
internal dims [mm]
width D600
height E800
depth F550
shelves (standard | max)3 / 8
max shelf workload [kg] /2/30
max unit workload [kg]50
weight [kg]118
Energy consumption at 37°C [Wh/h]97
voltage**230V 50-60Hz
nominal power [W]1700
Noise level [db(A)]44
warranty24 months

all the above technical data refer to standard units (without optional accessories)
* - fluctuation measured in centre of the chamber; in space, variation (K) calculated for chamber as:
K= +/- (T average max. - T average min. ) / 2
** - other power supplies on request
1 - depth doesn't include 50 mm of power cable
2 - on uniformly loaded surface
3 - doesn't include rack for shelves

Perforated shelf

Order number: */PP

Perforated shelf
Calibration and IQ, OQ, PQ qualification

Order number: BRT/*/L or IQ/OQ/PQ

Calibration and IQ, OQ, PQ qualification
Reinforced perforated shelf

Order number: */PPW

Reinforced perforated shelf
Stacking adaptor

Order number: */AD

Stacking adaptor
Base on castors

Order number: */STN

Base on castors

ILC 260 Smart PRO