Our devices are not afraid of winter

Among the wide range of thermostatic devices manufactured in POL-EKO, we also have drying ovens and laboratory incubators. Both series of devices have natural or convection air circulation. Among the available models, we have standard sizes from 15 to 1000 l. We also produce non-standard sizes (the last realisation – a 1400 l).

Laboratory incubators are used for incubating samples in stable temperature conditions – regardless of the ambient temperature (the maximum range to 100°C).


  • incubation of samples for microbiological determinations
  • analysis of thermal resistance of samples subjected to higher temperatures
  • antibodies tests
  • bacteria tests
  • crystallization observations
  • cultivation of thermophilic microorganisms
  • pharma stability tests
  • food industry denaturalizing tests

Drying ovens are designed to provide high temperatures up to 300°C.


  • thermal resistance analysis of building materials
  • electronic and electro-technical components
  • tests of properties of products subjected to high temperatures
  • drying of wires of papermaking machines
  • drying of laboratory glass
  • general aging and curing
  • preheating
  • digestion of proteins
  • plant tissues drying
  • drug metabolism
  • paper drying
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