Sewage Treatment Plants of the Future 2023

"Sewage Treatment Plants of the Future" Conference organized by BMP.

In the heart of Białystok, we gathered at a unique conference where, during a technical tour, we could uncover the secrets of how our FEKO+ Waste water receipt station works! FEKO+ Waste water receipt stations/.

The Laboratory Manager in Białystok, Ms. Elżbieta Sadowska, shared information about the management system integrated with Feko+ software.

FEKO+ is an extraordinary combination of technology and ecology that is revolutionizing the sewage treatment industry. Find out how our innovative waste water receipt station works is working for a cleaner environment.

Additionally, our representatives introduced our stationary PP2002+ sample collection devices and the MSX sample collection and monitoring station to the attendees. They also answered all questions related to our technologies used in water and sewage management.

For us, every step toward environmental protection matters, and together we can achieve even more!

Photos in the gallery: BMP Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Interior of the FEKO+Waste water receipt station container in Białystok