1. The warranty does not cover any damage resulting from inappropriate transport.
  2. In case of a justified warranty repair, the user/buyer covers the cost of transporting the unit to the service, and the warrantor covers the cost of transporting the unit to the user/buyer. In case of an unjustified claim the user/buyer covers the cost of transporting the unit in both ways.
  3. Justified faults and damage of the unit will be repaired free of charge within 20 days of deliver-ing the unit to the service.
  4. The warranty period for the user/buyer is extended for the time the unit has spent at the ser-vice.
  5. Warranty covers data carriers delivered along with the equipment; warranty does not cover da-ta saved on any additional data carriers plugged to the equipment by the User, like e.g. mem-ory card or pendrive. Manufacturer recommends to make additional copy of significant data.
  6. Warranty does not cover parts that are being exploited during equipment normal use, e.g. bat-tery.
  7. The term “repair" does not cover the installation and conservation of the unit, or improving the mechanical-electrical connections.
  8. The only entity approved to carry out all warranty repairs is the POL-EKO-APARATURA ser-vice or other party authorized by POL-EKO-APARATURA to provide service.
  9. Warranty does not cover any damage to the glass parts and any mechanical damage.
  10. The user loses the warranty rights if during the warranty period:
    • they use the unit contrary to the instruction manual,
    • does not perform the maintenance and inspection works, or does not comply to the recommendations (see point “Maintenance…"),
    • they carry out the repairs or modifications of the unit on their own or have them made by others, not authorized by POL-EKO-APARATURA
    • the warranty seal is torn,
    • they use their guarantee rights in the first year of using the device (counting from the date of sale),
    • there are no anti-surge protections in the building which may result in a damage to the unit (e.g. due to an atmospheric discharge),

Warranty conditions shall be subject to Polish law:

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