Options and Accesories

Internal glass door

External glass door

Door with viewing window

Stainless steel wire shelf INOX

Perforated shelf

Full shelf with hole

Reinforced shelf

Stainless steel cuvettes

Aluminum drawer with powder coated slides

Stainless steel drawer with powder coated slides

Stainless steel drawer with stainless steel slides


Table with castors

Base on castors

Automatic defrosting function

Low temperature version

Extended temperature range to 70°C

Reinforced version

Interior lighting

Phytotron system

Photoperiodic system

FIT panels independent control

Additional temperature sensor

Internal socket

HEPA Clean Air Filter

Non-standard access port for external sensor

Container for deionized water

Low water level sensor

LabDesk software

Calibration and IQ, OQ, PQ qualification

Over temperature protection 3.1 class according to DIN 12880

Over temperature protection 3.2 class according to DIN 12880

Over temperature protection 3.3 class according to DIN 12880

Dry alarm contact

Battery backup for display

USB cable

Non-standard access port 20 mm

Additional access port 30 mm

Non-standard access port 60 mm

Non-standard access port 100 mm

Container for deionised water

Access control

Reinforced perforated shelf

Base on castors

Stacking adaptor

Support frame on castors for ILC 180

CO2 back up system

Boxes for samples

Rack with drawers

Additional electric socket (400V)

Additional electric socket (230V)

Residual current device

Emergency stop button

Main circuit breaker

EX Lamp

Additional water instalation

Additional LPG instalation

Advanced fume hood controller ICM500-F-EU

Advanced fume hood controller ICM500-FP-EU

Underbench cabinet (steel)

Underbench cabinet (polypropylene)

Underbench cabinet (fireproof)

Automatic sash window

Side walls glazing


Cuvette for cabinets

Additional sink

Non-standard worktop

Phenolic resin interior

Polypropylene interior

Buchtal ceramic interior

Funnel for gathering leachate

Standard magnifier

Standard marker

Standard glass plate

Plate with Wolfhuegel scale

External counting marker

Cartridge for ZM 2002

Anti-skid mat

Universal platform

Platform for fixing flasks handles

Platform for shaking Petri plates

Platform for separator funnels

Handle for Erlenmeyer flask

Stand for test-tubes

Standard temperature sensor

Temperature sensor for low temperatures

Temperature sensor for high temperatures

Standard humidity and temperature sensor

Premium humidity and temperature sensor


Binary input

Binary output

Stand for ozone generator

Stand for ozone generator

Automatic sash window with IR sensor

pH and temperature measurement kit

Redox and temperature measurement kit

Conductivity measurement kit

Sludge concentration measurement kit

COD measurement kit

External stone catcher

Internal stone catcher

Stationary sampler outdoor

Stationary sampler mounted inside

Macerator milling cutter

Rotary pump

Macerator in a set with a rotary pump

Sieve with screenings press

Sand separator with sieve

Odor neutralization system

CCTV monitoring

Gate control

10" control panel

Drain line DN125

FEKO Viewer software

Wi Fi wireless communication module

Multi station construction

pH and temperature measurement kit

pH redox and temperature measurement kit

Conductivity measurement kit

Redox measurement kit

Toilet cassette emptying and rinsing point

Heating option (winter version)

Electrical sockets

Drinking water intake point (manual)

Drinking water intake point (automatic)

Gray water collection point

Gray water collection point with flushing

Gray water collection point with flushing (winter version)

Personalized graphics

Water consumption meter

Individual water meters for each intake point

Energy consumption meter for each power socket

Payment system - coins

Payment system - NFC

Payment system - coins and NFC

Individual payment system

metal stand (with adjustable wheels)

polypropylene base cabinet

UV light

gas tap

water tap

polypropylene cup sink

polypropylene sink 30 x 40 cm

electric socket 230V 50Hz

XL version for 2 full-size filters