Aluminum drawer with powder coated slides

Aluminium drawer on powder-coated slides for ST/CHL series: organisation and elegance at your fingertips

. Our aluminium drawer is the perfect optional accessory available for the ST/CHL series. It provides not only functionality, but also an elegant way to organise the space inside the appliance. Here are the key details of this modern drawer:

Optional equipment for ST/CHL series:

. An aluminium drawer is available as an optional accessory for the ST/CHL series. It is a flexible solution that allows you to customise the configuration of the unit to suit your individual needs.

Order number: ST/CHL/SWP ALU:

. To take advantage of this option, we recommend selecting order number ST/CHL/SWP ALU, which guarantees delivery of a 6 cm deep aluminium drawer with two compartments lengthwise and two in each of the resulting three sections, on powder-coated extension slides.

Functionality and organisation:

. The drawer has a depth of 6 cm and has two dividers lengthwise and two in each of the resulting three sections. It is the perfect solution for organising various laboratory items.

Extension slides, powder-coated:

The drawer is fitted with powder-coated pull-out runners, which guarantees smooth and quiet opening and closing. The powder coating provides durable protection against damage and corrosion. The aluminium drawer is not only a practical solution, but also an elegant addition to the unit's interior. The organisation of the space in the laboratory becomes simpler, while gaining a modern and aesthetically pleasing character.