Reinforced version

Reinforced Version: Robustness and Performance for the CL/ILW/SL/ZL Series

. The ruggedized version is standard for the CL/SL 1000 series and optional for the CL/ILW/SL series and ZL-T 200, 300 series. Below is the key information on this rugged and efficient version:

Standard equipment for CL/SL 1000 series:

. The reinforced version is a standard feature of the CL/SL 1000 series, providing structural robustness and the ability to handle heavier loads.

Optional equipment for other series:

For the CL/ILW/SL and ZL-T 200, 300 series, a reinforced version is available as an optional accessory. This offers the flexibility to adapt the design to individual requirements.

Order number: */W

. To use this option, we recommend that you select order number */W, which guarantees that the unit will be delivered in a reinforced version. This option is only available at the time of ordering for new units. The * should be replaced with the model of the unit to be made in the reinforced version, e.g. ILW 53/W.

Increased load capacity of the compartment and shelves:

The reinforced version allows for significantly higher chamber loading than the basic version due to the reinforced chamber design and shelves. This is an essential solution for laboratories increasing their storage needs.

Maximum shelf and appliance load:

The maximum load capacity of the reinforced shelf and the reinforced unit can be found in the parameter tables for the individual unit series. This enables precise planning and optimum use of space. The reinforced version is a robust solution for laboratories that need not only more capacity, but also structural strength.