Phytotron system

Phytotron: Day and Night Simulation for the Perfect Environment

. The phytotron is an optional accessory for the KK series, ILW Smart PRO and ST 500, 700, 1200 and 1450 versions of the Smart PRO. Below is the key information on this innovative feature:

Optional equipment for selected series:

The phytotron is available as an optional accessory for the KK series, ILW SMART PRO and ST 500, 700, 1200 and 1450 SMART PRO versions. It offers the flexibility to adapt storage conditions to the requirements of different types of materials.

Order number: */FIT:

. To use this option, we recommend that you select the order number */FIT, which guarantees delivery of the device with the Phytotron system. This option is only available at the time of ordering for new units. Detailed information regarding the Phytotron, such as the number, type and installation of light points, is available on the Phytotron system page.

Simulation of day and night:

The phytotron allows advanced simulation of the day and night cycle with stepless adjustment of light intensity (in 1% increments). This is important, especially for biological research and photoperiod experiments.

No standard internal lighting:

Units equipped with the Phytotron system do not have a standard OWW LED internal lighting point. The Phytotron acts as an advanced lighting system, eliminating the need for an additional light point. The phytotron is an innovative solution for laboratories that require precise control of light conditions for research related to plants, cells or organisms that respond to changing light conditions.