Calibration and IQ, OQ, PQ qualification

Chamber Calibration: Precise and Accurate Measurements

. The chamber calibration service is a key part of ensuring precision and accuracy of measurements in laboratories. Please see below for details of this option:

Optional calibration:

. Calibration of the chamber is optionally available for all types of equipment. It is a service dedicated to ensuring the highest precision in temperature measurements inside the chamber.

Order number: BRT/9/L; BRT/1P/L; BRT/2P/L; IQ/OQ/PQ

. In order to use the chamber calibration service, we recommend that you select the relevant order number: BRT/9/L: calibration with measurements at 9 measurement points (corners + geometric center). BRT/1P/L: calibration with measurements at 5 measurement points on the shelf (corners + geometric center). BRT/2P/L: calibration with measurements at 5 measurement points on two shelves. IQ/OQ/PQ: Complete IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification), PQ (Performance Qualification) qualification procedure available for each device.

Precision measurements:

. Calibration involves measuring the temperature at key points in the chamber, allowing the instrument settings to be checked and adjusted to ensure precise operating conditions.

9 measurement points:

In the case of the BRT/9/L option, measurements are taken at nine measurement points, covering the corners and the geometric center of the chamber.

Qualification of the IQ-OQ-PQ device:

. The IQ, OQ, PQ qualification procedure provides a comprehensive assessment and documentation of the device's compliance with specified standards and requirements.

Dedicated procedures:

Dedicated calibration procedures are available for each type of instrument, tailored to its specific characteristics and application. Calibration of the chamber is a guarantee of precise and reliable measurements, which is crucial in laboratories where accuracy is a priority.