FIT panels independent control

Independent Intensity Control in FIT Panels: Adapt the Light to Your Needs

. Independent Intensity Control on FIT Panels is an optional feature available for FIT units with two or more lighted shelves. Here is the key information on this feature:

Optional equipment for FITs with lighting:

This option is available for FIT units with at least two light shelves. This provides the flexibility to adjust the light intensity to suit different experimental needs.

Order number: FIT/R3

. To take advantage of this option, we recommend that you select order number FIT/R3, which guarantees delivery of a unit with Independent Intensity Control in FIT Panels. This option is only available at the time of ordering for new equipment.

Independent control of light intensity:

. This function allows independent control of the light intensity for three different shelves. For example, the light intensity over one of the shelves can be set to 100% and over the other to 50%, giving precise control over the lighting conditions in the different areas of the unit. Independent Intensity Control in FIT Panels is a useful tool for experiments that require varying lighting conditions at different levels of the FIT device.