Interior lighting

Interior Lighting: Brightness and Convenience for your Devices

. Internal lighting is standard on the ST/CHL series and optional for the ZL/IL/CL/SL/SR series (except CL/SL 15/32). Here is the key information on this feature:

Standard equipment for ST/CHL series:

. Interior lighting is a standard feature of the ST/CHL series. It provides illumination of the inside of the chamber and facilitates working inside the unit.

Optional equipment for other series:

For the ZL/IL/CL/SL/SR series (except CL/SL 15/32), interior lighting is available as an optional accessory. This offers the flexibility to adapt the unit configuration to individual needs.

Order number: OWW/OWW LED

. To use this option, we recommend that you select the order number OWW/OWW LED, which guarantees that the unit will be delivered with internal lighting. This option is only available at the time of ordering for new units.

One lighting point:

The lighting consists of a single point and the user can switch it on and off from the control panel. This option does not include simulation of the day and night cycle (see FOT and FIT option).

Operating temperature limits:

The maximum operating temperature of the unit is limited to +70°C, for the SL/SR series to +250°C and for the ZL series to -35°C. These are important considerations for extreme storage conditions. Internal lighting is a practical solution that improves visibility inside the chamber and makes it easier to work with the stored materials.